2020-21 LARHC Hockey Season and Covid-19


The 2020-21 hockey season is a go!

Start-up date targeted for the weekend of October 16-18th!

The Lethbridge Rec Hockey board members are excited to embark on a new and unique hockey season. We hope to provide our young players with an opportunity to be active and enjoy this great game in as safe a manner as possible.

Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, there will be many rules, protocols and procedures that must be followed for everyone’s safety.


1. Players must agree to be part of ONLY ONE SPORTS COHORT; a player MAY NOT be part of more than one cohort. Our hockey group would be a sports cohort, and therefore your child would not be allowed to be in a cohort for any other team or sport. If your indoor soccer league is also a cohort, then you have to choose between your child playing hockey or playing soccer for the season.

2. There is a MAXIMUM of 22 players allowed in the ice area for each age group. Each of our cohorts will include coaches.

3. Players can enter the arena NO MORE than 15 minutes prior to the start of their ice time. If they arrive earlier than that, they must wait in your vehicle.

4. Parents are asked to pre-screen their player(s) and to keep them home if they are experiencing any symptoms connected to Covid-19 or have been exposed to anyone who is experiencing symptoms, or if they or anyone who has been in close contact with them have travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days.

5. Players will be required to arrive at the rink MOSTLY DRESSED and wearing a mask. They may carry in their helmet, stick, gloves, skates, and (pre-filled) water bottle. Hockey bags will be permitted but should only have these items within. Smaller bags suitable for this subset of hockey items may be more suitable.

6. Each ice time will be assigned two dressing rooms in which players and coaches can put on their skates, helmets, and gloves. Personal items may be left in the change room while on the ice. Dressing rooms will only be available for 15 minutes prior to and after each ice time. Showers will not be available.

7. Anyone entering the arena MUST be wearing a mask, including players. Masks must be worn while inside the arena with the exception of players and coaches on the ice (see #8 below).

8. Players (and coaches) must leave their mask on until they put their helmet on and head to the ice. Masks should be stored in the change room (a safe and breathable storage receptacle, such as a paper bag or envelope, with their name on it is recommended) and must immediately be put back on upon returning to the change room and removing their helmets at the conclusion of their ice time.

9. ONE PARENT OR CAREGIVER will be allowed to enter the arena and assist players with with putting on their remaining equipment in the assigned change rooms. Once the player is fully dressed, the parent/caregiver must immediately exit the change room. Please do not linger and visit with the athletes, parents, or coaches. Parents/caregivers must wear a mask at all times and try to respect social distancing guidelines where possible.

10. Each on-ice participant will be allowed to have ONE SPECTATOR (this could be the Parent/Caregiver or somebody else) remain at the arena. Spectating zones will be assigned for each ice time. Spectators are discouraged from yelling and cheering as these activities increase the risk of Covid-19 transmission. All spectators must wear a mask at all times and respect social distancing guidelines where possible.

11. Coaches and volunteers will be unable to assist players with equipment. The spectator should be prepared to help their athlete with whatever assistance they may require during an ice time. (ie. Bathroom breaks, adjusting equipment, etc.)

12. Players, coaches, and any parent/caregiver/spectator will leave their ice time through a designated exit. Players, coaches, and any parents/caregivers/spectators must exit the arena promptly after the ice time.

13. Each player must have their own water bottle; water bottles MUST NOT be shared. Bottles must be designed for a hockey cage with a long straw. Water bottles must not be used in a way that will result in airborne particles. This includes spraying water into your mouth, face or body, as well as spraying of water onto the ice or onto the benches.

14. Spitting in ALL FORMS is banned (on benches and on the ice).

15. If you have left the country, you MUST self-isolate for 14 days after returning to Canada and you may not attend any ice time or leave your isolation quarters during that 14 day period.

16. Players who are experiencing any symptoms that may be connected to Covid-19 (fever, runny nose, sore throat, new or worsening cough, tiredness, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, aches and pains, conjunctivitis [pink eye], diarrhea, loss of sense of taste or smell) are asked to call 811 and book a Covid-19 test. Players should not return to our cohort or to the community until they have received a negative test result. If they test positive, we ask that you inform a board member immediately and consent to the board, without using the player’s name, initiating contact tracing with Alberta Health Services to slow the spread of Covid-19.

17. If a player or guardian/spectator begins to feel ill or exhibit any symptoms while at the rink, they will be required to leave the premises immediately and will be asked to contact Health Link at 811 to book a symptomatic Covid-19 test. We ask that results, whether positive or negative, be shared with a Lethbridge Rec Hockey board member. The player or guardian will be required to have a negative test before they may return to the rink.

18. It is possible restrictions could be either increased or decreased as directed by Alberta Health Services and the City of Lethbridge. All player guardians will be contacted via email with any changes.

19. If players or families are not following the public health guidelines or Lethbridge Rec Hockey protocols, we must take this very seriously.

- The first occurrence will result in the offender being asked to leave the facility immediately.
- The second occurrence will result in offender being asked to leave the facility immediately and an official written warning will be issued and kept on file.
- The third offence will result in the player being suspended for the season with no refund of fees.

The above rules may change at any time based on new guidance from the City of Lethbridge, Hockey Alberta, Hockey Canada, or Alberta Health Services.  Please be sure that we have an email address for you on file that we can use to reach you with any updated rules if needed.